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Lightly spiced onion fritter



Fried triangular pastry with minced lamb or vegetable


Sheek Kebab

Lightly spiced minced lamb grilled on skewers


Tandoori Chicken

1/4 chicken marinated and delicately barbecued


Tikka (ST)

Marinated and cooked in clay oven



Shredded and seasoned in hot spices, garnished with tomato and ca


Magic Mushroom

Fried in crumbed coating with lightly spiced minced lamb


Stuffed Pepper

Shredded chicken and vegetable filling


Chingri Puree

Spiced prawns served on special bread


Fish Bora

Fried tuna fish cake with coriander and onion


Boro-Chingri Puree

Spiced king prawns served on special bread


Boro-Chingri Butterfly

King prawn infused with herbs coated in breadcrumbs


Machli Grill

Marinated and grilled Tilapia fish


Mish Mash

Mix of onion bhaji, sheek kebab, vegetable samosa and chicken tik


Lamb Chops

Marinated in chefs special sauce and grilled


Reshmi Murghi

Strip of chicken breast dipped in aromatic spices and eggs yolk t


Tandoori Paneer (ST)

Cubes of homemade cheese delicately


Pura Mangshor

Shreaded roasted lamb cooked with fresh herbs and wrapped in a pu


Vegetable Platter

Mix of onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora


Nepali Chingri

Large prawn steamed with tamarind, bay leaf and garlic. Fairly ho


Reshmi Kebab

Lightly spiced minced lamb flat kebab wrapped with egg.


Shami Kebab

Lightly spiced minced lamb flat kebab.




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