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Sim-Sag Gatta

Spinach cooked with garlic and Bengali beans


Shobzi Massala

Mixed vegetables cooked in pure ghee, ground almond, fresh cream


Capsilla Shobzi

Mixed vegetables cooked with onions, tomatoes and green chillies.


Balti Shobzi

Mixed vegetables simmered in a highly flavoured sauce.


Aloo Begun

Potatoes and aubergines cooked in a thick sauce


Xacuti Shobzi

Vegetables cooked in a full flavoured sauce consisting of fenugre


Dalcha Shobzi

Cooked with Dalcha sauce


Naga Shobzi

Cooked with Naga sauce


Garlic-Chilli Paneer

Rosted paneer with garlic and green chilli.


Karahi Paneer

Raosted paneer with highly flavoured with herbs, spices and garni


Jalfrezi Paneer

Roasted paneer cooked in a specially prepeared hot sauce, garnish



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